Product lines

Upholding the enterprise spirit of rooted technology, MEAN WELL has been adding 10% new devices into its product lines each year. It is now offering complete power supply solutions in range of 0.5W~24,000W at different grades to meet application requirements of individual industries including: AC / DC power supply, LED driver, AC / DC battery chargers, DC / DC converters and DC / AC inverter.

15W~10,000W Enclosed type Power Supply

5W~400W Open PCB type Power Supply

1W~60W Brick type Power Supply

10W~960W DIN Rail Power Supply

8W~600W LED LED lighting Power Supply

450W~1,200W Modular Power Supply

1000W~24,000W 19” Rack Power

5W~280W Desktop/ Wall-mounted Adaptor

30W~1,000W Battery Charger

0.5W~1,000W DC-DC Converter

100W~5,000W DC-AC Inverter